Personal Development and Professional Growth

How is CSG Different?

Collaborative Solutions Group approaches coaching as a unique blend of personal development and professional growth.  We believe that mindset is just as important as making smart decisions.

Collaboration is in our name. So coaching sessions are interactive. We also bring a team of professionals into every relationship, ready to help support your specific personal and business growth needs.

We approach each session from a position of Faith, Love, Appreciation, Motivation, and Empathy to ignite a FLAME of clarity and warmth, ensuring a productive and purpose driven coaching experience.

The CSG Approach

The approach we take at CSG is simple…. FLAME!  We want to fuel a fire inside your life, business, the relationships you enjoy, and the things you do.  FLAME brings light to dark places and ushers warmth into even the coldest environments.  For us, FLAME means Faith, Love, Appreciation, Motivation, and Empathy.  It is through the lens of FLAME that we coach, teach, inspire, and help our clients see the way, know the way, and go the way that leads them to the summit of their significance, and maximizes their potential.  We collaborate with our clients and never speak at them, but rather with them.  We ask intentional thought provoking questions to help empower our clients’ creativity and walk in their own solutions.  We want to be in your corner, and on your side because that is the place of a coach who cares about the victory of those they have the privilege and honor to serve.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Every successful athlete and every successful business person has another set of eyes, another set of ears, and a person with a another set of experiences to turn to.

When people have an open mind, are ready to be vulnerable, honest, and willing to try new things, they enjoy the fullness of coaching and the results that come from it.

Is Coaching Expensive?

CSG has private coaching and group coaching opportunities that fit a wide variety of budgets.

Successful people look at BOTH the cost and value associated with their investment.  If the return on the investment in yourself and in your business is greater than the cost, it makes sense to get started.

Who Will Be My Coach?

Collaborative Solutions Group has multiple coaches on our team. You will be paired with the coach that best meets your overall needs or one you have a specific interest in. Regardless of who you work with, you will have access to the resources and knowledge of the entire team.

Do I Have to Be Located Near CSG?

Collaborative Solutions Group works with clients around the country. Technology makes it possible to connect, engage, and share across distances like never before. 

There are benefits to being able to sit down and talk with someone face to face or to being able to attend events in person. Everything that we do remotely is aimed at delivering just as much benefit to each client.

What is the Time Commitment?

Time is money. Our private and group clients enjoy multiple sessions each month. Clients enjoy the greatest results when they implement the strategies developed during our sessions in their daily routines. Personal and professional development requires an investment of time both inside and out of sessions, and you’re worth every minute.

Premium CSG Coaching

Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions with certified CSG Coaches.

Critical Strategy Guide

A planner for more than just your day, your life, and your schedule.




Access to a library of assessments that provide insight and guidance on personality, team, and more.

Event Pass

Access to CSG Growth Events.

What Is CSG Private Coaching?

A Focus on YOU!

Much like flight attendants tell you to put your mask on yourself before assisting those around you. We know that meaningful changes in your business radiate out from you.

An Engaging Process!

From the goals discussion through every subsequent session, you are engaged in a process that focuses on your short and long term goals.

Equal Parts Practical and Theory!

Your sessions’ aren’t just listening to someone talk about feelings. They are hands-on, sleeves rolled up, work sessions focusing on the factors that are holding you back and the ideas that can move your forward.

Motivation, Insight, and Accountability

Equal parts Motivation, Insight, and Accountability are the key elements we provide in every session to ensure your sustainable success.

Premium CSG Coaching

Interested in the access to the full compliment of benefits for being a CSG customer, reach out to get started.

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Club CSG

Live Group Coaching

Our group coaching sessions are equal parts Mastermind and Think Tank environments. We leverage the knowledge and experience of the collective group and and the certified, professional coaches facilitating each session. Our coaches provide insight, motivation, and accountability to enhance the topics being discussed.

Access to Private Social Media Group

Club CSG participants have access to a private social media group page on Facebook which gives members the chance to interact, build relationships, share ideas, and further their growth.

Access to Member Portal

Learning doesn’t just happen in coahcing sessions. As a client of CSG, you have access to our online resource of materials. Your personal member portal contains videos, worksheets, reading lists, quotes, and more on topics ranging from Mindset to Marketing. We are continually adding new content and new value to this invaluable resource.


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