Welcome to the Collaborative Solutions Group Learning Portal

This site is dedicated to the Group Learning programs put on by  Collaborative Solutions Group’s. This includes our in-person group classes, our group coaching sessions, and Club CSG, our online learning platform.

Personal Development and Professional Growth

Our Courses Are Built For Busy Professionals

They say if you want to get something down, ask a busy person to do it. We know that you have a lot going on.  That is why we have designed all of these courses to allow you to learn and proceed at your own pace or to fit easily into a busy schedule.

CSG Lite

CSG’s Group Coaching Program focuses on Personal Development and Professional Growth through monthly group coaching sessions as well as access to the learning portal at Club CSG.

Performance Essentials

This live, multi-day course brings a team of experts together to teach on the topics of Personal Development and Professional Growth such as Mindset, Teamwork, Communications, and influence.

Club CSG

This online learning resources contains hours of video and audio content, worksheets, reading lists, inspirational quotes, and much more. 

Business Fundamentals

The 1 Day session serves as a Small Business Owner’s toolbox. Giving business owners insight, guidance, and resources on topics like technology, marketing, accounting, and business law.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Getting started is EASY. Simply click on REGISTER NOW, set up your user account, and select the program that you want to register for. All of the courses in that program will become available to you in your “My Courses” section of the site, either automatically, or on a timed release, depending on how the program is configured.

Club CSG

Club CSG Members get access an array of materials centered around personal and professional growth and development.